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Why You Should Set Mid-Year Resolutions

Health & Fitness – 13 July 2016

Most of us begin each year with a full tank of optimism and ambition. We wipe last year’s slate clean and write out shiny new resolutions that we fully intend to accomplish before the year-end fireworks go off. Then all of a sudden we are…

mid-year resolutions

How Self-Confidence Leads To Meaningful Work

Business – 11 July 2016

One of the biggest learnings I have had through my work with women leaders is that no amount of talent or experience excludes any of us from moments of doubt or overwhelm. Each one of us has experienced the occasional resistance to taking the next…


Angelique Kerber: A Role Model Of Excellence & Grace

Women With Drive – 10 July 2016

Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, Dr. Oliver Blume, has congratulated Porsche Brand Ambassador, Angelique Kerber, for her top notch performance at Wimbledon yesterday. “Compliments Angelique Kerber. She has played a fantastic tournament,” he said. “After her triumph at the Australian Open, to now have…

Angelique Kerber Wimbledon 2016

9 Top In-Flight Travel Beauty Tips

Travel – 8 July 2016

Most business travellers have taken a long haul flight at some point in their career to meet clients or wrap up big deals on the other side of the world. And most will agree that while travelling business or first class is great for the…