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Do I Need a Business Mentor?

business mentor

According to Luisa Ryan, Director of the Business Register Unit at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people’s belief around business failure rates have a profound impact on their motivation and the way they relate to their business. Luisa believes the Australian business community has laboured long and hard under the weight of distorted beliefs around failure rates. Yet there are 2.17 million active trading businesses in Australia, a 2.4 per cent year on increase (2015 to 2016).

Luisa’s statement challenges the traditional belief that many small businesses fail during their establishment. So how can you feel positive about your business when failure is almost expected?

Starting a business is a big decision and it can be risky. Even if you’ve been successful in your corporate life there might be knowledge gaps in running your very own business. Therefore, asking for help to fill those gaps can get you to a satisfactory outcome a lot quicker, and this applies not just to work life.


How do you find the right mentor to help you achieve your desired goal?

If you’re unsure if you need a mentor, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What is my specific action plan to get there?


If you don’t have an answer to these two questions, you need to invest in your dreams and your vision by getting help from someone who can help you find those answers.


Find the right mentor for you:

  • Are their values aligned with yours?
  • Are they interested in your goals, not transplanting their idea of success on you?
  • Do they have a well-considered strategy that shows you how to fast track your success?
  • Can they help you overcome any self-imposed limitations to your success?
  • What is your investment of money and time to work with them?


Ensure you make the most of your mentoring opportunity:

  • Consider the cost of working with a mentor as an investment, not an expense
  • Let others know you’re looking for a mentor
  • Actively look for and approach a mentor who meets your criteria
  • Work out whether you need face-to-face or online mentoring
  • Choose someone who has already achieved what you want to in your business
  • Do some research on them to see how successful their business is
  • Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone
  • Be committed and follow their instructions


With the right kind of guidance from an experienced mentor, your business can thrive and you can enjoy the level of success you desire. Your business will continue to grow and evolve in response to changing circumstances and there will be less need to worry about competitors.


Helen Mitas is an Australian hynotherapist and the founder of Mindset DominanceHelen Mitas is Australia’s leading mindset expert for anxiety, stress and business empowerment and the published author of the book ‘Mindset Dominance’. Be fascinated and inspired as Helen reveals the ingenious ways we limit our own success without realising it, and how we can take back control of our lives and live our life to our fullest potential.

Need a speaker at your next event? Book Helen at

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