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Travel / different worlds await

Cabin Fever

Travel – 28 November 2018

Nobody does tiered hierarchies like the airline companies do. But more than just vying for your attention the next time you book a holiday or work trip, the top airlines are trying to outdo each other in the Business Class category – where luxury toiletries,…

Explore the sunny side of Ireland

Travel – 29 August 2018

Much of Europe is baking in warmth, the start of a long spell of sunshine. Under cloudless blue skies across the continent, as trees grow fat with leaves and buds turn to flowers, cabriolets emerge from garages and side streets. Their roofs fold down with…

A road trip through Ecuador

Travel – 22 August 2018

The equator divides the earth into north and south—as it does Ecuador. A journey through the land that bears its name.   The sea is wild, the sky is gray, and the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. But it’s only six in the morning. In…

Out Of Zuffenhausen

Travel – 21 March 2017

A gemsbok—or oryx, the national animal of Namibia—suddenly bounds across the road. It turns its head with an inquisitive look and disappears just as quickly behind an enormous rock formation. The evening sun lends the stone a golden glow, and the wind plays with a…

Namibia Porsche