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Welcome to woman with drive, proudly presented by Porsche Cars Australia – the importer of Europe’s most exciting range of sporting cars.

That’s enough about us for the moment. Let’s talk about you.

You are independent, intelligent, confident, passionate, discerning and deserving of the best in life. You tend to lead the pack rather than follow it and are not overly bothered if not part of the cafe clique.

You like to be up to speed on the things that interest you – fashion, travel, health, beauty and success – but don’t have time to pore over pages to extract the key points. This is why woman with drive will appeal to you. In addition to our articles being fresh, vibrant, interesting and informative – they are concise, which means presenting you with a bite sized tip or two each time.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t have a Porsche in the garage. You have the mindset and drive of a Porsche Woman and that’s what counts.

Naturally, we invite you to offer your insights and views through our comment streams, as between us we have a wealth of knowledge and experience we as Porsche women ought to share.

woman with drive – presented by the Porsche Woman (PW) for the Porsche Woman.