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7 Places Your Kids Will Love In Seoul

Lotte World Seoul

A city has to tick a few boxes on a parental checklist before it is given the thumbs up for a family vacation. Topping that list of criteria is usually safety, cleanliness and good public transport. Seoul ticks all those three boxes with a bonus of being well-organised and easygoing too.

Spring and autumn are deemed the best times to visit the city for its mild weather, brilliant blue skies and string of festivals. But there are always the indoor attractions in which to escape the summer heat and the snowy slopes for winter skiing. Yet no matter the season, your children will never be without new experiences created with them in mind.

These six places are woman with drive’s top choices for a vacation that will have your kids planning to return to Seoul as adults.

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Seoul Forest

The best loved of all Seoul’s forests for its beauty all year around. Spend an entire day here feeding the deer and rabbits, splashing around in the fountains and doing a circuit of the four different playgrounds. The cycling enthusiasts in your brood will love cruising down the cycling lanes while those who would rather keep their feet on the ground can join the many kite flyers.


Seoul Children’s Museum

Two floors of six permanent exhibitions, one special exhibition and six different theme parks. Could children – and their parents – ask for anything more from a museum? Take your little and not-so-little ones through a learning journey of aerospace, advanced technology, traditional sciences and natural history. The interactive games and activities in this superbly organised museum promise endless buttons to press and a hugely fun experience!


Lotte World

Holding the record for the world’s largest indoor amusement park carries certain expectations and Lotte World easily surpasses them. Like its Disney and Universal theme park peers, Lotte World is surrounded by an enormous entertainment and shopping complex complete with a water park, aquarium, luxury boutiques and hotels. It is the perfect place to escape a rainy day and if the sun comes out again, take the kids to the Magic Island theme park outdoors.


Norang Kids Café

What do you do when you crave a cup of coffee but your children are already bouncing off the walls? You head straight to Norang Kids Café to enjoy a cuppa while your kids flaunt their creativity. The café offers different art and craft activities, a Lego corner and a massive blackboard with coloured chalk. Its menu meanwhile ranges from sweets treats to savoury meals. This is what is called having your cake and eating it!


Modo Island

Sunshine and the beach go hand in hand, and one of Seoul’s prettiest beaches is on Modo Island. Apart from getting your feet wet and strolling on the soft sand, there are also plenty of fantastic photo opportunities at the Baemikkumi Sculpture Park. Located on the southern side of the island, the park features artworks by famous Korean surrealist sculpture, Lee II-Ho. Spread a picnic blanket amidst the sculptures or head to the beachside Baemikkumi Caffe for tea and cake.


Anseong Farmland

Technically this farm is located 70km outside Seoul but who is counting the kilometers? Drive through the hilly landscape until you reach a sprawling land occupied by vibrant houses reminiscent of countryside European villages and old American barns. The farmland features five different sections with various activities, attractions and restaurants. And the spacious area allows for a number of separate walking paths so there is never a sense of congestion even during peak times.


Bears Town Resort

A popular family destination for its 400-meter sledding hill. Located just an hour outside Seoul, it is perfect for a one-day ski and snowboard trip. The older or more experienced kids can head to one of the two slopes for advanced/intermediate skiers while the younger kids or beginners can try out their skis or snowboards on one of the three basic slopes.


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