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14 Essential Travel Apps For The Business Traveller

Travel Apps

When you are sitting through back-to-back meeting in several cities over a week, the last thing you want to do is hunt for a printed itinerary or scramble to find an alternate flight or even rack your brain for the name of that great restaurant you heard about.

At a time like this, a travel app that delivers the exact information you need is more valuable than an Internet browser that opens a gateway to endless options. Whether it is finding an ideal seat on the plane, a walking trail in a new city or medical assistance, there is an app for it.

woman with drive has compiled a list of 14 travel apps that are most widely used by business travellers around the world.

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No more frantically scrolling through countless confirmation emails for that crucial flight or hotel reservation. From here on, simply forward those emails to TripIt to be transformed into a master itinerary. The app also includes real time alerts and an alternate flight finder in case of a cancelled flight.



Once a simple flight-finder, Kayak is now an efficient manager of all your travel needs from bookings to currency conversion and even predictions on airfare fluctuations over a one-week period.



Answer a few questions on your flight preferences and Geneo will filter your flight search results accordingly. The more you use it, the more intuitive it becomes about your needs.


Hotel Tonight

The next time you need to stay overnight in a new city on short notice, book your accommodation via Hotel Tonight. The app will find you a room based on the category you choose (ranging from basic to luxe) and also allow you to view the amenities and a short review.

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Flying a new airline with an unfamiliar cabin layout? You can still choose your preferred seat by referring to SeatGuru’s interactive seating map. Enter your flight number and the app will pull out the relevant seating map from its database of nearly 800 cabin layouts. It also provides details on legroom, recline ability, and proximity to bathrooms.



Business travellers have a tendency of being so engrossed in work that they miss announcements on gate changes or flight delays. GateGuru feeds you these crucial updates and even offers a list of amenities and restaurants in the airport. It covers more than 16,000 airports and every major carrier around the globe.



A favourite of every business traveller, the LoungeBuddy provides extensive information on the airport’s lounges. The app tells you the day rate for each lounge, which lounge entitles you to free access based on your airline memberships or credit card types, and the amenities available there. And its GPS function indicates how far you have to walk to each one.


Wi-Fi Finder

In countries where a strong Wi-Fi signal can be like a needle in a haystack, Wi-Fi Finder is a godsend in tracking down spots with either free or paid Wi-Fi. Covering 640,000 locations across 144 countries, the app also lets you search for specific providers or by location type such as cafes, restaurants or hotels.



The most sought after alternative to car rentals, public transport and taxi services. Available in over 50 countries, Uber enables you to set your pick-up location, check the progress of your driver and make direct online payments. A huge bonus is landing a driver who doubles up as a travel advisor.


JetLag Genie

Beat jet lag by following JetLag Genie’s customised schedule based on your flight information and sleeping patterns. You will receive tips on when to wake up, go to bed, soak up the sun and take a nap.



Falling ill or getting injured can really put a damper on your travels. mPassport will ease the situation by recommending a health professional from its international database of 6,700 reputable doctors and 1,500 vetted clinics. If your doctor is not fluent in English, the app provides translations for common symptoms, ailments, and prescriptions.



There is no reason to leave your running shoes behind especially when WalkJogRun can point you to great routes in over 2.4 million towns around the world. The featured routes are chosen by other users and include
details on distance, elevation, sights and even cafes in the vicinity!


Travel App Box

The Travel App Box calls itself the Swiss Army Knife of travel apps for good reason. Its 15 features include an international tip calculator, currency converter, clothing-size converter and even a collection of common images to explain what you need.



Facebook and Instagram would have replaced the beloved postcard if not for those who remain digitally unconnected. Postagram is the answer to keeping that group in the loop. Snap a picture using the app, write your message and delivery preferences, and an actual postcard will be sent to them.


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